McDermott & McGough: Frightened of Machinery But Devoted to Machines

McDermott & McGough2

McDermott & McGough

Frightened of Machinery But Devoted to Machines, 1994


25 × 20 in
63.5 × 50.8 cm
Edition of 30
Diane Villani Editions
Price: $2,000


Known for their work in painting, photography, sculpture, and film, McDermott & McGough comprises visual artists David McDermott and Peter McGough, who formed their partnership on the East Village Art scene of the 1980s. The duo began their careers posing as turn-of-the-century New York dandies, turning their life into an exploration of notions of time and history while producing films and photographs that explored similar themes. Refusing to embrace the present, McDermott & McGough use old-fashioned materials and techniques—particularly old photographic processes with platinum and cyanotype—to explore popular culture, religion, medicine, advertising, fashion, and sex. In recent series they have restaged canonical works of 20th-century photography, produced photorealistic paintings of old-time movie stars, and recreated canonical works of Pop art.